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RE: DSP-2232 & TS-2000, built-in TNC

Hi Dan,

RE: TS-2000 built-in 9600 baud TNC

I have successfully used the TS-2000's built-in TNC to operate AO-51 and
GO-32 in PACSAT mode using WISP. Before running WISP it is necessary to
send the SOFTDCD ON command to the TS-2000's built-in TNC. I use Windows
XP HyperTerminal to do this. I use the default settings in WISP for a

The SOFTDCD command is an undocumented TS-2000 TNC command. Thanks to
Gould WA4SXM and Jeff KB2M for directing my original question and to
Jerry K5OE who ultimately provided the solution. Jerry did the detective
work to find the SOFTDCD and one other useful command. I have partially
quoted his response to me below. I hope you don't mind Jerry ;-)

Jerry K5OE wrote:

"Yes, the TS-2000 will accept the DCD signal from WISP, but it is not
documented how to do it :-))
The Ts2K TNC is very basic and has limited functionality, but it does
have some functions that are not even documented! I found a bunch of
commands that are implemented in the TNC but are not documented and are
not displayed when you do a LIST.  I found them by trial and error.  The
two most useful ones are:
PASSALL  this will allow partially complete packets to get passed to the
terminal program, very useful for two way keyboard QSO's such as the
SOFTDCD  this will allow the terminal program (WISP, in this case) to
command the rig to transmit.
The procedure, if you wish to use this "feature," is to use a terminal
program (something simple like Windows built-in Hyperterm will work) to
simply pass the SOFTDCD command on to the TNC, exit the terminal program
and start WISP.  The WISP start-up routine will not override the
command.  This allows full duplex packet and very fast uploads.
That said, I found the "manual" method fairly easy.  Rather than using
the A/B switch, just turn the squelch up for a second or so and the rig
will transmit.  If you do it quickly (just a fast twist of the wrist
each way) you can see your OK CALLSIGN come back in about 1/2 second.
This works for both the DIR requests and for uploads.  The latter takes
more than one burst if the message is more than a few lines.  Don't
watch the MSPE display, instead watch the red light on the TS2K TNC
panel, to tell you when WISP wants to transmit.
Regarding the "only one serial port" issue... not much help there.  That
is a vexing problem for us all that some smart programmer ought to be
able to fix one day.  I know Bob Bruninga has implemented both rig
control and terminal comms in his DOS-based APRS software link to the
TS2K, but I don't know anybody else who has managed to crack the
shared-line in the TS2K.  I believe it is done by simply switching back
and forth between the rig and the TNC to control both Doppler and the
TNC (it appears simultaneous, but it is simply alternately shared by the
two functions).  For attended operation, I don't mind tuning the rig
manually, but if you use the built-in TNC, unattended UHF downlink is
pretty much excluded as a viable mode.  An external TNC is the normal
"fix" if you can't live with this condition.
Hope all this helps...
73 es GL,
Jerry, M/K5OE"

By the way, as a new PACSAT user I found the book "Digital Satellite &
Telemetry Guide" by Gould Smith WA4SXM to be an invaluable resource.
Highly recommended! It is available from AMSAT. 

73 and see you on the birds,
Steve WI2W
AMSAT #19905

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>Is anybody using the DSP-2232 and TS-2000 combination?  Any advice
>be helpful.  I do not have them hooked together yet but was wondering
>I can split the plug on the 2000 to two PPT lines and the 9600 to one 
>port and 1200, PSK, SSTV etc on the other port of the 2232. What 
>software would be good to use?  Seems awfully complicated to use a 
>terminal program with this TNC.
>Also anybody using the built in TNC for the 9600 sats?  I can receive 
>OK, but the radio will not transmit while it is recieving data.  Would
>have the same problem using an external TNC.
>Thanks in Advance
>Dan N8DZM
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