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Re: [Xastir] using XASTIR as a sat tracking program (code included)

Yeah.  I wrote a very similar perl script about 2 years ago, but never 
released it to the group because I felt it was too "rough", and it had a 
bad tendency to abort when the tcp connection failed.

I had a better idea later where I would create a new Xastir interface 
directly for Predict that would generate the UDP requests internal to 
Xastir, then we would have a list of 24 checkboxes so that we could 
graphicly pick which of the 24 predict satellites we wanted to display 
and what interval of updates.

I planned for my script to work off the "filter"command.  Where you 
would type the sattellite letter (A-Z) or multiple letters, and an 
interval number into the filter box in the Internet server dialog.  The 
predict2xastir script would parse the input looking for the filter 
command and that was the method that it would use to get the sat data 
from predict.  This was back before the x-spider ports were implemented.

Dick Reichenbach.  - KC8OBZ
Curt, WE7U wrote:

>Looks like you're using UDP to fetch satellite info from predict,
>and TCP to send info up to INET via Xastir.  Correct?
>If you update to latest Xastir CVS you could use UDP for the latter
>as well.
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