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Hello Everyone,
I sent a message to the BB a couple days ago stating that I had
Trouble with my setup with Wisp and Satpc32 and my ft-847 using the DSP 2232
 Well received several helpful hints. Thought it was rf of grounding and put
many torrids on the cables and grounded everything. Everything was working
for about one night. The next day my computer froze up again. Looked up on
the shelf and saw my KPC9612. Connected it and been running it and copying
Working fb and no freeze ups. So problem must be in the dsp2232.
 Here is the second problem I am having with Wisp. Copy fb and have messages
in the Dir-View. But they won't open when I click on them.
I even put a copy of Notepad in the Wisp folder and no luck. Any


Thanks for all the help.....
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