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Channel Islands DX Expedition - Alderney - Update #1

Ladies and Gentlemen.

>From Wednesday the 12th October to Wednesday the
19th October 2005, a group of five amateur radio
operators from around the U.K. will be operational
on all HF bands, 6 metres, VHF APRS, VHF/UHF FM and
hopefully, some FM satellite activity, from the Island
of Alderney, the most northerly island of the Channel
Islands group.

It is anticipated that the first CQ calls could be made
during the evening of Wednesday the 12th, most probably
on 40 and 80mtrs, but depending on band conditions.

There may be some suitable FM satellite passes too.

The Team comprises:

Carol 2E1DQZ, Russell G5XW, Tim M3SDE,
Dave G1OCN & Anthony MW0JZE.

Equipment list:

Dave GU1OCN/P will be operating with:

Kenwood TS-480SAT 100w. A Heil Traveller microphone.
A lightweight two element portable beam for VHF to 20Mtrs.
A 10-80  9Mtr vertical 10/12/15/17/20/40 or 80Mtr
from  http://www.sandpiperaerials.co.uk/
LDG AT-100Pro Autotuner. Samlex EU SEC 1223 PSU.
Kenwood THD7G dual band handy with Arrow Antenna for FM
satellite working.
VHF APRS (when no satellites) THD7G - IPAQ 5550 & APRS-CE.
WiSP by Chris Jackson G7UPN, for satellite pass predictions.
Winlog32 by Colin Morris G0CUZ.

Russell GU5XW/P will be operating with:

ALINCO DX70 MK1 100w HF 10w 6m
PSU, SEC 1223 ATU, LDG Z 100
Antenna, 1/2 size G5RV (naturally) & 40/80m vertical.
Mic, Heil Traveller head set & Standard Alinco hand mic.
& a very large bag of pre-arranged propagation :0)

Tim MU3SDE/P will be operating with:

Yaesu FT 920 - Palstar PSU.
Heil HC4 Pro Set Quiet Phone headset/microphone
Antenna - Comet H-422 V Dipole (Sponsored by Nevada)
Laptop using Winlog 32 Logging software & DX Atlas mapping software.

Anthony MU0JZE/P will be operating with:

Yaesu FT857 (D) 100w. LDG Z100 tuner.
Maas SPS-4128A switch mode psu.
Heil Pro4 Headset with foot PTT.
Log 2000 contest/DX log along with DX Atlas.
Spiderbeam (www.spiderbeam.net) 5 band version,
20, 17, 15, 12 & 10m on 22 foot push up mast.
Carolina Windom and 40/80m Vertical from Sandpiper

Carol 2U1DQZ/P may well be using any of the equipment mentioned above,
but, will be a rare call to hear.

A generator has been made available, so the Worked All Britain
and Lighthouse activity should take place during the weekend.
Most probably on Sunday the 16th. Again weather dependant as
the operating position at the lighthouse has not been confirmed.

The WAB square from the main operating location in St Anne is: WA50 ALD
The IARU locator is IN89VR at St Anne.
Height ASL is 162 metres at St Anne.

The WAB square from the Lighthouse is: WA60 ALD
The QuÈnard Point, Alderney Lighthouse reference number is:
GUE 004 and/or A1536.

Due to the lack of transport, it is not anticipated that any of the other
seven navigational aids to shipping on the Island will be activated.
(Anyone want to sponsor us for a hire car?)

Skeds are welcomed and encouraged, therefore the following
numbers are available for sending SMS texts to ONLY:

+44 7976 292980 if you are outside the U.K.
     07976 292980 if you are in the U.K.


+44 7970 044625 if you are outside the U.K.
     07970 044625 if you are in the U.K.

These numbers should ONLY be used for requesting skeds by SMS text

E-mails for sked requests may be sent to:


Please do not expect an immediate response to e-mails
Text messages will not be replied to.

QSL route(s) are:



Further information available under individual call signs on QRZ.COM.

Any further update(s) will be sent prior to departure.

We look forward to working you.


The Alderney DX Team.
P.M.T. DX Group.

Further information available from:  dave at g1ocn dot com
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