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Futher changes to and updates on the SSETI Expres launch programme

We have now been told to expect the launch to take place at approx 06:52 UTC 
on Friday September 30th. This further delay has been caused by a few 
outstanding problems being experienced by one of the Russian satellites.

We may have further updates in the course of the next few days but assuming 
that all other parameters remain the same, here are the revised TLEs

Satellite: SSETI
Catalog number: 288XXU
Epoch time:       5273.28641000
Element set:     1
Inclination:       98.1900 deg
RA of node:       170.3700 deg
Eccentricity:    0.0001920
Arg of perigee:     0.0000 deg
Mean anomaly:      50.5000 deg
Mean motion:   14.60850000 rev/day
Decay rate:         -1E-08 rev/day^2
Epoch rev:               1

1 288XXU 0503XC   05273.28641000 -.00000001  00000-0  10000-4 0    15
2 288XX  98.1900 170.3700 0001920   0.0000  50.5000 14.60850000 00012

In case of another launch delay, and assuming that start time, LTAN (local 
time of ascending node) and flight schedule (time after start and location 
of separation) remains the same, the date and RAAN need to be altered. 
RAAN by 0.9856 degrees per extra day (and adjust the checksums in both lines 
of TLE's).
[See http://www.celestrak.com for a good description.]
(thanks Viktor OE1VKW)

The SERACC software - required for decoding and downloading the telemetry 
and data from SSETI Express has now been fully beta tested (!) and the help 
file is being completed. We expect that this software will be placed on the 
http://sseti.gte.tuwien.ac.at/WSW4/MOPWS/downloads.php webpage within the 
next 48 hours

The satellite is now virtually 100% ready to go - the cubesat batteries 
still have to be topped up and this will be done tomorrow after the 
propulsion filling has been completed . After that, it just remains to 
remove the four side protectors and ALL of the  RBF items  (remove before 
flight) and put into place a few ABF items and she will be complete.

Finally please be aware that the URL for the live webstreaming of the ESA 
launch programme will NOT be as previously given - a new location for this 
service will be announced nearer the time.

Graham - G3VZV
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