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New vesion of Uni_Trac available on September 18, 2005

I don't want to be a complainer here about Unitrac, but frankly I am very
dissapointed in the new upgrade.
The older version had some problems and a later upgrade fixed most but not
all of the problems and I was dissappointed.

Then came the UP3 107 upgrade with a new format that I liked but then a
couple of things that used to work with the TS2000 now did not work.

One thing was going into the "flip mode" when it was suppose to be turned
I fixed this by adjusting my feed line so there was enough cable to go
either way.
Now I see it is suppose to be fixed in this new edition so I will just
watch and see if it is fixed.

Next is working the ISS with both uplink and downlink in the same band.
When the setup screen is set to FM on both up and down link it worked.
Then after the upgrade it did not work correctly as now the receive for ISS
now goes to AM which is annoying.
This newer upgrade has not corrected the problem for ts2000 owners.

Next after installing the newer upgrade (UP3 108) I again noticed changes
that were made that is more annoying and not necessary.
Now when I close down after operating a satellite pass 2 things happen that
did not happen before that are more annoying for ts2000 owners.
One is that the sub band display is turned off and the receive frequency
will reset to 16 mhz???

Both of these changes mean that the ts2000 owners will be using some of the
buttons to return to higher amateur bands alot more then before.
Sooner or later this will mean pre mature wearing out of these buttons
where the older version of the program did not reset to these out of
amateur bands and returning on of the sub band displays.

These are both annoying problems that should have been fixed before.
I have emailed the author of the program several times with no answers to
my emails.

So maybe one of the amsat bb members has a better email address so that
these problems can be fixed finally.

For ts2000 owners what it amounts to is one problem fixed and two new
problems appear if you upgrade to the newer version.

Perry WB8OTH

Perry Yantis
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