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Kenwood D7 and PSCAT2, ISS ?

Dear all,

In the past I have successfully used my Kenwood D7 for PCSAT-1.
But for some reason I never got a contact over ISS nor PCSAT2. 
It receives all packets, but it is not heared by ISS nor PCSAT2.

I have monitored my own packets, compared them to 
my TS2000 packets and did not see anything strange. 
Also it works OK for normal ground APRS though.
TNC settings: CQ,PCSAT2, 1200 baud
Antenna: 2x10 element beam
Power: 5W
Version: THD7, EU version, Dec 1998 (1st series)

1. Is there a detail in the TNC that makes ISS/PCSAT2 deaf for it ?
2. Is the uplink power simply not enough for ISS (in the EU) ?
3. Anyone in Europe that is able to get over ISS with the D7 ?
4. Could it be the group code (I'd say no - its APK001) ?

Note: another D7, owned by PE1RXJ has the same results.
Note: Yes - I do compensate for doppler.

Henk, PA3GUO
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