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Brand New ICOM W32A for ISS

Hi I have a brand new W32A handheld bought from AES this last weekend at 
Melbourne Florida Hamfest.

I am trying to program in the FM Hamsats and the International Space 
Station repeaters. As you can see below the uplink for the ISS is below 
the 440 MHz bandedge for the W32A

ISS International Space Station
Repeater Uplink: _*437.800 MHz FM*_
Repeater Downlink: 145.800 MHz FM

I have been advised conflicting information as to the procedure to 
expand the 440 band transmitter to accomplish this. Some advise to press 
various key selections on the radio, while others suggest removing D-523 
(a dual diode?).

Can anyone advise if they have modified a recently purchased W32A?

This radio replaces a T81A which I was able to make such a modification. 
Unfortunately that radio was stolen from me and the W32A is my 
replacement radio.

*I have Googled and am aware of all the various modifications out there. 
I am just trying to hear from someone who has made the mod receintly (on 
a newer radio) and what procedure specifically that they used.*

Thanks in advance.
Joe Leikhim K4SAT

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