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New InstantTune Features

Dear Friends,

InstantTune provides automatic radio tuning for use with InstantTrack.
Since it is pretty old (at least for software,) I was not planning on
producing anymore "official" releases of this package.

However, I have added a few new features based on user requests and
decided to offer them to everyone who wants them as a patch release.

The new features are as follows:

1. Velocity Interpolation
InstantTune will estimate a satellite's velocity between actual velocity
updates from InstantTrack. This allows it to tune the radios 4x faster
then it did before. This is noticable on 70cm downlinks but it really flies
on the AO-51 (Echo) S-band downlink.

2. PL control
InstantTune can turn on the PL (CTCSS) encoder and set the tone frequency for
the satellites that require it.

3. Hot Keys
 From any InstantTrack screen, you can hit CTRL-B to tune the radio to the
beacon. You can then hit CTRL-Q to return to the previously tuned QSO 
This allows you to quickly check the beacon and then go back to your QSO.

4. Improved FT-817 driver
The FT-817 driver worked fine when used as a receiver or transmitter
but when used as a single-radio satellite station, the operation was a bit
eratic. The new driver significantly improves this operation and I was easily
able to make a VO-52 SSB contact using just an FT-817 feeding a pair of tripod
mounted full wave loop antennas (a pretty minimal portable, QRP satellite 

5. FT857, FT897 support
These radios use the same driver as the FT-817 but you had to know to type 
in "ft817" in
the config file. InstantTune will now recognize "ft857" and "ft897" as 
valid radio types.

The patch release also includes a new "itune.exe" control program with a 
few minor improvements
not worth mentioning - just type "itune" at the DOS prompt and it will list 
all the commands.
The new version, InstantTune Version 1.50, will work with Versions 1.50 or 
1.55 of InstantTrack.

If you would like a copy of the patch release with these new features, send 
me an email.


InstantTune continues to support all of the popular Yaesu, Kenwood, and 
ICOM radios
as well as any "mic-button" controlled radios. But note that I don't have 
access to
Kenwood or ICOM radios to test with so I did not put in the PL control 
feature for those
radio drivers. If someone would like it added for one of those radios, I 
will be happy to
implement it as long as they are willing to test it.

As always, InstantTune is truly open source and it is fine with me if other 
developers use
this source code to help develop new radio tuning software. If you would 
like a copy of the
latest source code (mostly C++,) just send me email.

73 and best satellite DX!
Tony AA2TX
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