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SSETI Express Handbook Free Download

SSETI Express Handbook – Free Download

The Student Space Exploration and Technology Initiative was started by the 
European Space Agency (ESA) Education Office to enable University students 
in Europe to experience the challenges and opportunities of actually 
building a satellite and having it launched into space.

Their first satellite SSETI Express is scheduled for launch on September 
30th from Plesetsk in northern Russia at approx 06:52 UTC. It is planned to 
downlink telemetry in AX25 format at 9k6 on 437.250MHz and at 38k4 on 
2401.835MHz. It should also be available for Radio Amateurs to use as a 
single channel FM transponder.

To coincide with the launch the SSETI Express Handbook has just been 
published. Written by Richard Limebear G3RWL, using ESA and AMSAT-UK 
documentation, the 22 page handbook covers just about every aspect of this 
exciting new spacecraft. It details AMSAT-UK's involvement in the project 
and contains a wealth of technical information about the spacecraft and the 
3 Picosats that will be launched from it.

ESA has asked for the help of Radio Amateurs around the world to collect 
vital telemetry data from the satellite and they are organising a 
competition with a prize for whoever submits the largest number of valid 
telemetry payload packets to SSETI Express Mission Control by 1 January 
2006. The handbook provides full details of how to enter this competition.

The PDF of the handbook can be downloaded free of charge from the AMSAT-UK 
website at http://www.uk.amsat.org/ or printed copies are available for £5 
inc P&P in Europe from AMSAT-UK, “Badgers”, Letton Close, Blandford, Dorset, 
DT11 7SS, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)1258 453959 Email: g3wgm@amsat.org . 
Cheques should be made payable to “AMSAT-UK”. Postage rates for other parts 
of the world available on request.

A French version of the handbook translated by Christophe Candebat F1MOJ is 
also available.


73 Trevor M5AKA
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