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Equipment for 38.4kbps on S-band?

Hi All,

I am gearing up to receive the telemetry from SSETI-Express

The reception of 9600bps FSK packet on 70cm seems straight forward (I'll be
using an FT-736R and an NB-96 TNC).

However, what gear would people recommend for receiving the 38400bps FSK
packet on 2.4GHz?  The Doppler will be around +/- 50kHz, which means the IF
filtering will have to be wider than the standard 110kHz used in Symek's IFD
board, or that Doppler tracking will be necessary.

What equipment would people recommend for demodulating the 38400bps packet,
too?  The Symek TNC31 TNC fitted with a T-M38 modem?  A high-speed,
USB-connected "sound card"?

All suggestions gratefully received!


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