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RE: stateside via so50

Hi Bruce

> 2. The DX opportunity that I would love to see fulfilled is when AO-51
goes over
> the N. pole after a pass tracking over N. America or the Atlantic. There's
> that Siberia, and nobody to talk to. Is there anyone on the list who is an
R9 or
> R0 station in the northern latitudes?

I worked sixty or so stations a couple of weeks ago from Longyearbyen, West
Spitsbergen, Svalbard at 78 degrees N. The location of this place makes
Alaska appear positively tropical. You get every polar orbiting pass from
here, and, for example, today AO-51 has 15 passes. The majotity of the
passes are over 60 degrees maximum elevation. In fact it's unusual for an
operating Polar orbiting amateur LEO _not_ to be overhead.

The bad news is that you can spend a lot of the pass talking to yourself. I
had a few QSOs with Russia on '51, and they were pretty happy to get JW in
their log books. I also worked a number of US and Canadian stations on '51
and '29 predominantly, as well as many Europeans.

Co-visibility on some LEOs from this location can be as far West as San
Diego and as far East as Tokyo.

73, Howard G6LVB
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