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Re Satellite Mobile Antennas

Hi Guys and Girls,
Many thanks to those who suggested that I use a standard 2 metre quarter 
wave for LEO satellite mobile on my vehicle, poinimg out that it would 
automatically be 3/4 wavelength on 70cm.. As an HF man I should have 
remembered that.
I had been using several makes of combined 1/4 wave 2metre up and 5/8 70cm 
down antennas with moderate success, but after a couple of months they 
degraded, probably due to the vibration of my diesel vehicle and being 
thrown into the boot when not used.
I built up the quarter wave whip last weekend using a standard magnetic 
mount, 3/8" screw,   tuned it and achieved an swr of better than 1.5 across 
the band on both 2 metres and 70cm.
Operationally it is performing better than my previous antennas and is much 
more robust.
Has anybody got a polar plot for a 3/4 wavelength ground plane , or full 
antenna as I cannot find one in any of my literature and have not located 
one on the web,

Best regards
Mike G3LGR
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