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Re: stateside via so50

Quoting Mark Saurman <vo1one@gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> Good working the three of you on the FM sats!  My call is VO1ONE, but
> the past couple of days I have been using the special prefix of XN

> There are a lot of passes here where the satellites also have a good
> view of Europe, but I think that often the local time is too late
> there for people to be listening to hear me, or perhaps the passes are
> too early here and I'm not awake yet, hi hi.  

Being on the east coast of Canada, I've enjoyed some of the same opportunities
as Mark. On AO-51, I find the best opportunity for trans-atlantic DX is the
first pass on a Saturday morning, usually around 12:00Z. 

This thread reminds me of some LEO DX ideas that I've had:

1. With the existing statellites, can anyone do WAC theoretically? That is,
using a mutual window prediction program, has anyone been able to predict that
it would be possible to work all continents from their QTH? 

In my case, it seems that Oceania is out of reach. Even AO-7 can't get me to Hawaii.

2. The DX opportunity that I would love to see fulfilled is when AO-51 goes over
the N. pole after a pass tracking over N. America or the Atlantic. There's all
that Siberia, and nobody to talk to. Is there anyone on the list who is an R9 or
R0 station in the northern latitudes?

3. If, as I suspect, there isn't, what about us trying to contact someone who is
a ham in those regions and trying to elist him or her? Since the equipment for
AO-51 (and similar birds) is relatively cheap, lightweight and easy to ship, if
30 of us chipped in $20, we could have something going. I remember seeing a
lightweight package for AO-40; but one for LEO FM would really require no
special skills. I have in mind an agreement whereby the local op would agree to
return the equipment in two months time and, perhaps, to make a demonstration to
 a local club. Along with a suitable HT (preprogrammed with suitable
frequencies) and, say, arrow antenna, we could mail some special instructions
pertaining to the equipment shipped.

The idea here would be to introduce and activate this mode in countries where
exchange rates make it difficult to buy the needed equipment. Of course, there
would be a good deal of trust involved: the local op. could just hold on to the

LEO DXCC one country at a time ...

73, VE9QRP
Bruce Robertson, 
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