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SatPC32 12.4 clarification

I have been informed that my previous message about SatPC32 12.4 and 
WiSP32 was incorrect.  Here is a clarification supplied by DK1TB:

The new SatPC32 12.4 and Wisat32 12.4 work with the Wisp32 programs 
without any problem.  Users of the tool DDESat32 who have updated to 
SatPC32 12.4 also need to update DDESat32 because DDESat32 is using some 
of the auxiliary files and rotor drivers of SatPC32.  The DDESat32 
update can be downloaded from my website (for free).  DDESat32 is a tool 
that is particularly designed to be used with Wisp32. It is not part of 
the SatPC32 package and it comes with its own setup program.

Here is the link to download DDESat32:

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA
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