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Re: stateside via so50


Good working the three of you on the FM sats!  My call is VO1ONE, but
the past couple of days I have been using the special prefix of XN
which has been authorized for use during the month of September
commemorating Terry Fox's run across Canada 25 years ago.  I put a
couple of links and a brief write up about Terry Fox in the biography
section of my QRZ listing for XN1ONE.

My equipment is an Arrow handheld antenna using a Radio Shack HTX-202
@ 5w for the 2 meter uplink and a Yaesu VX-7R for the 70cm downlink.
I plan on taking it to one of the next club meetings to perhaps get a
few more people interested in the satellites, or up to Signal Hill
where I can see the horizon in nearly every direction.  That's the
spot where Marconi received the morse letter S in 1901 for the first
transatlantic wireless communication ever made, and it's a great spot
for ham radio still today.

There are a lot of passes here where the satellites also have a good
view of Europe, but I think that often the local time is too late
there for people to be listening to hear me, or perhaps the passes are
too early here and I'm not awake yet, hi hi.  I try to get on whenever
I can, and it's always fun working across the pond.  It's interesting
working a pass where it starts off over North America and then ends
over Europe and you can hear differences in styles of satellite QSO's
between the two continents.  North Americans often make many very
short contest style QSO's and Europeans tend to chat and have a
conversation, I find.

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