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RE: Serial Programming help needed

This seems to work in perl

open (comport, "> /dev/ttyS0");
print comport "TC 1\n";
print comport "BC 0,0\n";
print comport "FQ 00".$rounded."000,0\n";
print comport "TC 0\n";
print comport "disp \n";

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From: Andrew Rich [mailto:vk4tec@tech-software.net]
Sent: Monday, 12 September 2005 9:27 PM
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Subject: Serial Programming help needed

Anyone a guru in C serial programming ?

What I want to do is

1) Quickly drop the kenwood d700 into control mode
2) Change freq
3) Restore TNC
4) Capture data from TNC in the process 

For satellite work

I have been running an external modem

Andrew Vk4Tec
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