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Dxpedition from Pigeon Key FL next weekend 9/16-9/18 Special Event station K4P

Approximately 12  hams including myself will be active from Pigeon Key 
FL, a small island in the Florida Keys, from around  16:00Z 9/16 to 
16:00Z 9/18. The island is an IOTA location , and  should be active on 
several HF bands & 6M as well as several fm/ssb satellites and perhaps 
some direct 2m or 70cm ssb. The grid location is EL94kr , latitude 
24deg 43.267min N and longitude 81deg 09.523min W. Listed below is a 
cream-of-the-crop satellite passes which we hope to be on, perhaps even 
more. If for some reason PO-28 becomes active on voice by then we'll be 
there too, otherwise try the passes  below if you are in the footprint.

Thanks, hope to hear many of you working us at K4P.


(ISS means working the crossband repeat if active. Three sats  overlap 
near 14:20 Z on the 17th so may the best pass win!)

One of the many websites with Pigeon Key Info is 

Satellite GMT Date/Time

ISS	9/16/05	16:50
SO50	9/16/05	21:15
FO29	9/17/05	1:25
AO51	9/17/05	2:20
ISS	9/17/05	2:30
FO29	9/17/05	12:44
AO7	9/17/05	14:18
FO29	9/17/05	14:29
AO51	9/17/05	14:36
VO52	9/17/05	16:08
ISS	9/17/05	17:16
SO50	9/17/05	21:45
FO29	9/18/05	0:31
ISS	9/18/05	1:20
AO51	9/18/05	1:42
VO52	9/18/05	2:55
AO7	9/18/05	13:18
FO29	9/18/05	13:34
AO7	9/18/05	15:11
AO51	9/18/05	15:36
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