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BAA RAG: The Circular is published!

The BAA RAG are a group interested in Radio Astronomy. They listen on 2695 
151 Mhz and 30 kHz and have developed receiver kits for these bands which 
also be of interest to Radio Amateurs.

Like Radio Amateurs they have also had reasons to be concerned about recent
changes in Ofcom policy in the microwave bands.

BAA RAG have just published their first newsletter which can be downloaded 
the web, details are given below.

73 Trevor M5AKA
BAA RAG: The Circular is published!

I am very pleased to announce that at long last, volume 1 number 1 of the
RAG Circular is published! I have sent this email to every email address in
our database which is shown as a Circular subscriber, and has consented to
the publication of the email address. If this is not the case, please let me

We have been working all through the last couple of months to gather
material for this issue, and have republished some items to make sure that
everyone is up to date. These efforts have resulted in the first issue being
48 printed pages, so it is quite a read...

We apologise for the large size of the PDF, but unfortunately it is too
large to be distributed by email! So, please go to our website at:


in order to download the Circular. You will also find downloads for the
Exhibition posters, and the publicity flyer. Unfortunately the website
development has still taken second place to the publication of the Circular,
so it's a fairly basic home page for now. Just right-click on a link, and
choose 'save target as' in your browser. If you don't have Adobe's reader
software, there's a download link for that too. If you have a slow 'net
connection, and would rather receive the Circular in printed form, then
please contact Karen Holland for details. There will be a small charge for
this service. The website PDF has been sampled at 96dpi, but the printed
version will be 300dpi, so the quality of the photographs will be much

Very many thanks to Callum Potter for helping me to get the material on the
web server!

The team have worked hard to produce this issue, and would welcome your
feedback, be it positive or negative. It is highly motivating for us to hear
from you about our efforts. Why not take the opportunity to write a 'Letter
to the Editor' for the next issue, or even write an article or send in a
photograph? We really would like to hear from you!

Laurence Newell
RAG Coordinator

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