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PCSAT2 9k6 Telemetry

Hello Group,

I would like to know if anyone is still copying 9k6 telemetry on PCSAT2 at
437.975 MHz +/-?

ISS just passed over West Malaysia and nothing was heard on 437.975 for the
first few minutes of the pass.  Therefore I decided to QSY to 435.275 MHz
+/- to feed 1k2 telemetry instead.  However the following 9k6 packets were
also picked up on this frequency.

1:fm PC2TLM to APRS3 via SGATE WIDE ctl UIv pid F0
:BLN3PCSAT:BBS of MAIL is for USA  disaster comms only

1:fm PC2TLM to APRS2 via SGATE WIDE ctl UIv pid F0
:BLN2PCSAT:PC2PSK mode is off for  a while. Try packet.

1:fm PC2TLM to BEACON via SGATE WIDE ctl UIv pid F0
>012445z Disaster com support [de WB4APR]

Maybe I should have waited longer, on 437.975, but thought I would not waste
the pass time and it would be better to feed something useful.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Sion Chow Q. C.,
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