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Re: Online atomic clock

Hi Bill.

All your answers can be found at www.ntp.org.

Basically the ntp protocol takes care of  network latency and clock 
differences and while windows XP will set its time from a nominated 
server every  you could install one of the many ntp based time clients 
on your PC and have it set the time every hour to help keep the drift down.

I use WorldTime from http://www.pawprint.net/wt/ which gives me a UTC 
taskbar clock and gives me time in 6 other timezones as well,  plus 
alarms - very useful for scheds.

On unix systems ntp clients have a "drift" file to monitor the hardware 
clock and can step the internal clock by "ticks" - a very small 
increment of time to ensure drift is kept at a minimum.



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