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Re: Online atomic clock

Hello everyone,

This recent thread caused me to wonder about the dynamic nature of the
internet and variable propagation delays. Does anyone know the relative
accuracy - at your computer - of "internet" timing services as compared to
"hard-wired" timing services as are available in many cities in many

Too picky? Maybe not.

Certain DSP meteor scatter and EME software requires the computer clocks to
be very closely set, in fact the effectiveness of the whole shootin' match
depends on the closeness of the settings.

Is it possible to estimate the order of the longest propagation delays to be
expected via internet circuits? Would such delays be insignificant against -
say - the short-term accuracy of the average computer clock? On balance,
would the 'hard-wired' services be preferable in critical applications?

Anything definitive would be helpful.

73, Bill...vk3jt
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