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Re: SatPC32 update is released

Wayne, thanks for this note.  SatPC32 is slowly becoming the
CUBESAT standard for PC's.  We seem to be able to configure this
program easily.  Modification to Ver 12.4, SatPC is of great value.
Any time modifications and even more importantly limitations, DK1TB
know about is appreciated.  CUBESAT will not recommend anything
that we have not put into practice first!
      By the way Wayne, the small piece of paper added to the CD
ROM package from AMSAT was most valuable!!      Cliff K7RR

Wayne Estes wrote:
> Erich Eichmann DK1TB has released version 12.4 of the popular satellite 
> tracking program SatPC32.  The program has two significant new features. 
>  First is automatic internet download of Keplerian elements such as the 
> amateur.txt file from celestrak.com.  Second is an improved user 
> interface for initial configuration of user location, radio and rotor 
> interfaces, etc.
> The program may be downloaded from the author's personal web site 
> http://www.dk1tb.de/indexeng.htm   Click the "downloads" button on the 
> left frame, then choose the appropriate "SatPC32 Demo" version (9.7 MB 
> download).  The demo version is fully functional except that the user 
> must enter their lat/lon every time when launching the program.
> ------------------big SNIP here-------------------------
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