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Message to Motorola

I was told by my parents long ago to never write when I am angry, and 
mail it before I calmed down.  So, I am going to present, below, the 
email I have drafted to some senior Motorola executives...

There is time to stop me....but not much....hi hi....

To: Motorola

Here is a quote from today's Wall Street Journal, Page A19.

(the news story is about the help that amateur radio operators are 
rendering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the complete collapse of 
public service radio systems)

In the penultimate paragraph, here is how one of your employees is quoted:

"The hams also get little respect from telecommunications-equipment 
companies, such as Motorola Inc. "Something is better than nothing, 
that's right," says Jim Screeden, who runs all of Motorola's repair 
teams in the field for its emergency-response business. "But ham radios 
are pretty close to nothing." Mr. Screeden says ham radios can take a 
long time to relay messages and work essentially as "party lines," with 
multiple parties talking at once."

Is Mr. Screeden's complete lack of understanding about the nature and 
value of amateur radio, combined with his flatulent comments (especially 
when his own gear is in tatters) Motorola's official position?

As an amateur radio operator and emergency volunteer I am offended and 
appalled that one of your spokespeople would lay out your company's 
position on my service in such a manner.  I know your industry salivates 
at the thought of grabbing more of our part of the spectrum, but I had 
no idea you were foolish enough to force me to make a choice.

I am a Morotola customer, and believed in its product.  That is, until 
today.  Not only do I own Motorola gear myself, I also participate in 
the buying decisions by other public service agencies in my area.  I 
will recommend, henceforth, that Motorola be bypassed in favour of other 
manufacturers who not only understand the value of amateur radio, but 
produce equipment for our service.

As soon as my contract is over I am ditching my Motorola equipment, and 
I am going to work immediately to propagate Mr. Screeden's comments as 
far and as wide as I can.

Ham radio operators are great communicators; and don't you forget it.

We volunteer and remain at the ready to step in, when YOUR equipment 
fails.  That we, who are your backup, could be treated this way in a 
national newspaper by your company is unbelievable.

Brent Taylor
Owner/Operator, amateur radio station VE1JH
Doaktown, NB
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