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Reminder: Feedback on Symposium Alternatives Requested


I have received input from 27 people as of 2345 EDT Monday evening.   
There is still time for people who have not yet responded to provide  
their input.  Please note that I am looking for input from people who  
may indeed attend the 2005 AMSAT Symposium based upon where it is  
held.  BOD Members, Senior Officers, and key Eagle Team personnel  
need not respond since presumably these individuals will attend a  
Symposium no matter where it is held.  If an individual has not  
already registered for the Lafayette Symposium and has no intention  
of attending the 2005 AMSAT Symposium if it is held at one of the  
specified cities listed in Question Two, there is no need to return  
the Questionnaire.

One clarification for those who are already registered for the  
Lafayette Symposium:  The wording of the questionnaire suggests that  
those who are already registered for Symposium will attend no matter  
where it is held.  That may not be a valid assumption for everyone.  
If you are already registered for Symposium at Lafayette but you  
would not be willing to attend in the event the Symposium is held at  
one or more of the listed locations, then please note the locations  
that won't work for you as a comment in Question Two.

Please remember that responses should be submitted no later than 1200  
EDT Tuesday, 6 SEP to be included in the tabulation for BOD review  
Tuesday evening. Again, we're interested in receiving input only from  
those who 1) Could be attending the Symposium as a result of a choice  
of venue,  or 2) Are already registered for Symposium at Lafayette.

Many thanks for the responses that I've received to date.


Barry A. Baines, WD4ASW
VP-Marketing & User Services

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> Date: September 5, 2005 2:28:16 AM EDT
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> officers@AMSAT.Org>
> Subject: Symposium Alternatives
> Folks:
> We are actively evaluating options regarding the future of the 2005  
> AMSAT Symposium.   This includes relocating to a different site or  
> perhaps canceling the Symposium itself.  We expect to make a  
> decision later this week.  While we have not formally cancelled the  
> Symposium at Lafayette, we are working on the presumption that we  
> will not be able to meet at Lafayette.
> The BOD will likely look at this issue as a two-step process:
> 1.  Given that AMSAT will not be at Lafayette, do we relocate to  
> another site or cancel the Symposium?
> 2.  If the Symposium is relocated to a different site, where should  
> we go?
> To assist in this decision process, it would be very helpful to  
> gain input from our AMSAT members and others regarding their  
> thinking on attending this year's AMSAT Symposium given recent  
> events.  I am seeking input from those individuals who are not BOD  
> members, Senior Officers (those selected by the BOD), nor key  
> personnel on the Eagle Team since presumably these people will  
> attend the Symposium no matter where it is held.
> Our intent is to keep the same dates (7-9 OCT) and basic agenda as  
> what has been scheduled for Lafayette.  Please consider the  
> following scenarios and let me know your thoughts on the following  
> alternatives:
> 1. If you are currently registered to attend the AMSAT Symposium at  
> Lafayette and the Symposium was relocated to a different city, do  
> you still plan to attend?  (If you are not currently registered,  
> please skip this question).
>  Please place an 'X' to the left of your response:
>   -Yes
>   -No
> 2.  If you are not currently registered to attend the AMSAT  
> Symposium, would you now attend the AMSAT Symposium if it were held  
> at one of the following locations the weekend of 7-9 OCT?  Please  
> place an 'X' to the left of each city that you'd be willing to  
> travel (Select as many locations as you'd be willing to attend).
>   -Baltimore-Washington area
>   -Cleveland, OH
>   -Cincinnati, OH
>   -Orlando, FL
>   -Pittsburgh, PA
>   -San Francisco, CA
>   -Tampa, FL
>   -Tulsa, OK
> 3.  If you answered 'Yes' to Question 1 or selected at least one  
> city in Question 2,  and room rates were higher than the current  
> $75.00/night rate for Lafayette would you still be willing to  
> attend the 2005 AMSAT Symposium?  Please place an X next to highest  
> room rate level that you'd be willing to pay to attend the Symposium:
>   -$75 to $80/night
>   -$80 to $89/night
>   -$90 to $99/night
>   ->$99/night
> Please enter your response to the left of each question and send it  
> to wd4asw@amsat.org no later than 1200 EDT on Tuesday, 6 SEP.   
> Please do not hit 'reply' as your response doesn't need to be sent  
> to the entire amsat-bb and we need to ensure that I receive your  
> input.  I will tabulate the results for distribution to the AMSAT  
> BOD which will discuss this question on Tuesday evening.  If you  
> wish to add comments to your reply, please feel free to do so, but  
> please ensure that you complete the questionnaire as well so that I  
> can easily complete the tabulation.  Please note that any comments  
> made will be attributed to the individual who made them.  By  
> completing this questionnaire, you are not obligating yourself to  
> attending Symposium. Please recognize, however, that your input is  
> very important and that the tabulation and received comments will  
> be taken seriously by the BOD in its deliberations.
> 73
> Barry A. Baines, WD4ASW
> VP-Marketing & User Services/BOD Member
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