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Re: Symposium Alternatives


I know people in Macomb who run a FM station (WTND-LP).  I also know 
someone in Ackley who goes to Waterloo, or Davenport when going to "the 
big city".  Scanton has a nice Railroad Museum I visit.  I like 
Geography and I like to travel.

I think the AMSAT Symposium in Des Moines, IA was the first one I 
attended.  I was running OS9 at the time but did not get a chance to 
visit Microware (headquarters are in Des Moines).  I attended both 
AMSAT-NA Symposiums and AMSAT-UK Colloquims.  They are different and 
both have their good points.

Unfortunely I do not do much satellite stuff but still attend some of 
the interesting (to me) talks.  I get to talk to various people I know 
(like John N4QQ), see how everyones SETI@Home or other projects are 
going, and go out to eating places that have interesting menus.  I 
usually find interesting places to visit for a week before or after the 

So it would not bother me if there is no field trip this Symposium.  If 
the symposium is Cincinnati I may visit near Paradise in Muhlenberg 
County, Kentucky or go out to the Lincoln Presidential Library in 
Springfield, IL.  If Cleveland I may tour Sandusky, Windsor, and head 
home through the farmlands of Southern Ontario and the Niagara.  October 
is a good time to tour Niagara Falls, no crowds and the weather is still 
good.  Maybe I will visit some War of 1812 battlefields like Queenston 

So I am not fussy, I would attend if it was an saturday afternoon 
meeting at Denny's.

73 Eric

John Geiger wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Wow!  You really know your midwest geography. I grew up in Davenport, IA,
> and went to school for a semester in Macomb, IL. Should be beautiful that
> time of year, though.
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