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Re: Symposium Alternatives

Gerry wrote:
> As a Canadian living in the central part of Canada, it doesn't make much 
> difference for me if the Symposium is held on the East coast or West 
> coast. With the outrages cost of gasoline and air tickets, should we not 
> be looking at a central location in the USA.In doing so those members 
> that live on the Westcoast would not have to fly across the country to 
> attend .The same applies to the members on the Eastcoast if the 
> Symposium was to be held on the Westcoast.So at today's costs of airline 
> tickets, I believe the site selection will be a critical point in 
> determining if one attends or not.
> Anyway that's my two cents worth
> Tnx


Actually I was thinking that Central Canada might be a good location. 
The US Dollar is worth over $1.18 Canadian.  The use of litres with the 
currency exchange hides the fact that you are paying high prices for 
Gasoline!  Sounds like a win-win situation.

I work with a fellow who used to live in Winnipeg.

To me it would be interesting if the Symposium was in Winnipeg, 
Montreal, or Dog River, Saskatchewan.  I would not mind Toronto either 
but it had it twice recently.  I realize that there has to be a group of 
AMSAT people in the area to organize the Symposium and the location 
needs decent airline connections.  So interesting places like Scranton, 
PA or Macomb, IL or Davenport, IA do not make the cut.

As I replied to Barry, I would not mind going to the 
Baltimore-Washington, DC area again as it would give me a chance to see 
the completed space hall at Dulles.

I prefer to drive or take the train because it is vacation and I want to 
listen to scanners, etc.

73 Eric
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