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Re: SSETI Express - UHF xmtr power?

In a message dated 05/09/2005 15:56:50 GMT Standard Time,  
k.swaggart@charter.net writes:

Anyone know the output power for the SSETI Express UHF transmitter? I  found
3 Watts for the S-Band (split between the antennas) but nothing on  the UHF

Ken, W7KKE

Hello Ken.
The output power on UHF is also in the region of 3 Watts but to a monopole  
So, in terms of ERP for both systems.
We should see 3W ERP on 70cms. S band is a little more difficult to specify  
as the feeder loss between the 3 way splitter and each of the antennas will be 
A 'ball park figure'  for the main patch on the +Z (earth facing)  facet of 
Express is around 7 Watts ERP. While that sounds a lot, it's important  to 
remember that the patches have apx 7.8dBiC gain and that limits the  beamwidth. 
However, it should be a good signal.
21 Days to launch
David    G0MRF
_Mission  Website_ (http://sseti.gte.tuwien.ac.at/WSW4/MOPWS/index.php)  
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