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ESA announce Award for the SSETI Express telemetry download competition

ESA Award for SSETI Express telemetry download competition

The Education Department of ESA, the European Space Agency, is delighted to 
announce details of the award that will be offered to the amateur radio 
community in relation to the downloading of telemetry from their SSETI 
Express student built satellite. The award will be given to the amateur who 
submits the largest number of valid telemetry and payload packets regardless 
of which band it is received on.

SSETI Express is scheduled for launch on September 27th from Plesetsk in 
northern Russia at approx 06:52 UTC. It will downlink telemetry and payload 
data in AX25 format at 9k6 on 437.250MHz and at 38k4 on 2401.835MHz. It will 
later also be available for radio amateurs to use as a single channel FM 

All radio amateurs around the world are encouraged to download the necessary 
software from the www.sseti.org/express website (this will be available from 
approx 12th September) and to use the SERACC system to forward the telemetry 
and payload data to SSETI Express Mission Control. Submissions will be 
automatically recorded and the leaderboard will be shown on the website.

The winner will be offered the opportunity to visit the STEC06 Conference 
and Exhibition in Germany in Spring 2006. STEC, the Student Technology 
Education Conference, follows previous events in 2004 in Lausanne in 
Switzerland and in 2005 in Aalborg in Denmark.

The three day event is similar to the AMSAT-NA Symposium and the AMSAT-UK 
Colloquium but with more breakout technical sessions in addition to the 
Keynote Speeches. The meetings are always interesting and thought provoking 
and great enthusiasm and passion is shown by all the attendees. The post 
meeting attitude adjustment sessions have also proven to be exciting.

The winner will also be encouraged to present a paper on how he/she achieved 
their success - but this is not mandatory!

In addition to attending the STEC 06 Conference, the winner will be invited 
to visit ESA's Mission Operations Centre  - ESOC - near Darmstadt in Germany 
where they will be given a private escorted tour of the facilities. ESOC 
currently controls the many exciting orbital and deep space ESA missions and 
will be responsible for the European Columbus module when it joins the 
International Space Station

For more information on the STEC events - check 
http://www.stec2005.space.aau.dk/ to see what this year's event included and 
for a few details of the ESOC facility, visit 
The winner will be the amateur at the top of the leaderboard at 00:00 on 
Jan1st 2006. The prize will include economy class travel from your home 
location, accommodation and a "small" daily subsistence allowance.

AMSAT-UK wishes to congratulate and thank ESA for their generous prize, a 
first in the field, and is confident that it will add to the great 
enthusiasm for the SSETI Express project which already exists within the 
amateur radio community. It will be a great opportunity for us to 
demonstrate that the amateur radio groundstation "network" is a valuable 
resource for satellite projects which are able include useful amateur 
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