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Hi All,

 I am alive and well back in Jefferson,La. This is 3 miles from New
Orleans. I am in the

communication room of the East Jefferson Hosiptal handling Emergency
Traffic and Health Traffic.

 Folks, I have never is my life expected what I came accross coming back
into the city or should I say Metairie, La. It looks like a war zone.
Mother Nature showed us what she can do.

 As for the two houses, well, they are under 10 feet of water and they
have been this way for

7 days now.  I have been unable to get into the area where the houses are
located and probably will not be able to until a month or two. I hope
that no one ever has to live this experience in their life time.

Anyhow, I will have to pass on the Lafeyette Meeting this year. I do have
1 room that I reserved

and will be glad to transfer to anyone that may want it. Feel free to
email me to make arrangements.

73 for now.


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ask, you will never know!!


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  Date:  Sat, 3 Sep 2005 09:15:28 -0500
  >This was in the "ARLP037 Propagation de K7RA" bulletin email last
  >For those concerned about the status of N5UXT.
  >73 KE4AZN
  >I remembered this week that a ham I used to chat with on AMTOR in
  >the 1980s, W5KSI, Angelo Glorioso Jr., lived in New Orleans. I
  >emailed him and his son to inquire about their welfare, hoping they
  >evacuated early from the city before the storm. His son (Angelo III,
  >N5UXT) answered right back, said he was in Baton Rouge and his dad
  >was in Texas. He asked me to call his dad, who evacuated to Houston
  >on Sunday morning. I rang up Angelo, asked how he was doing, and he
  >said "Everything is gone," including the house he's lived in for 50
  >years and his mother's home. Angelo lived about 500 feet east of
  >Bayou Saint John, on Filmore Avenue, a mile south of Lake
  >The last they saw their home was around 10:00 AM Sunday morning when
  >Angelo and his wife began the 360 mile drive to the Bunker Hill
  >Village area of Houston via Interstate 10. Even though all of I-10
  >was switched for the evacuation to westbound traffic only, the
  >traffic crawled the whole way. Angelo and his wife drove nearly
  >non-stop until 4:30 PM Monday, an average speed of less than 12
  >miles per hour. Angelo told me he wakes up in the morning expecting
  >the nightmare to be over, and then it sinks in, that it really did
  >happen. But he is grateful he made it out of New Orleans safely with
  >his family.
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