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Re: computer controleld satellite radio

Anyone know if the same is true of the TS2000, i.e. ability to control and
use the internal TNC at the same time?






>Another question that would give you the same result would be:


>"When are the authors of the many radio control programs going to wake up
to the fact >that the

>D7 and D700 radios have built-in TNC's and write their software to be
compatible with >it"


>Sure they both share the same serial port, but there is easily implemented
signalling >that makes it trivial to both operate the radio and to use the
internal TNC at the SAME >TIME.


>It was in my original APRStk (dos) program back in 

>1999.   It seems a shame that no other radio

>control programs (to my knowledge) have taken the effort to add support for
the D7 and >D700 while ALSO supporiting the internal TNC.



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