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RE: computer controleld satellite radio


i might try writing something that flicks to TC 1 and then back to TNC

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>can anyone suggest a radio that is computer controlled 
>that covers 144 and 440 MHz ?
>I have a D700 here, which is under control from LINUX, 
>which makes the internal TNC redundant.
>You end having to use an external TNC or sound card packet

Another question that would give you the same result
would be:

"When are the authors of the many radio control 
programs going to wake up to the fact that the
D7 and D700 radios have built-in TNC's and
write their software to be compatible with it"

Sure they both share the same serial port,
but there is easily implemented signalling
that makes it trivial to both operate the radio
and to use the internal TNC at the SAME TIME.

It was in my original APRStk (dos) program back in 
1999.   It seems a shame that no other radio
control programs (to my knowledge) have taken the
effort to add support for the D7 and D700 while 
ALSO supporiting the internal TNC.

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