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Re: SDR Prototype transponders

Message text written by "Roger Kolakowski"
Sometimes this "hobby" makes my head hurt! hihi

Right! That's the way it's supposed to be! Nothing
is appreciated or holds ones interest that comes too
easily. We humans climb mountains because they
are there. And we get some internal, etherial lightning
bolt when we make it. That's a bit of what has been
missing with the easy-sats. No challenge. Do it once,
OK, ho-hum, what's next? Humm.. L band on AO10.
Digital (and trying to figure out the schedule) on FO12
and digipeating on AO16. Even mode J on AO8. 
Oscarlocators. That stuff was seriously challenging,
because there wasn't much of a roadmap. Few had 
done it before; you had to really dig. It made your 
head hurt. But what a sense of accomplishment.

OK, sorry, off my soapbox. You know, this SDX stuff
does look pretty interesting...

Ed K9EK 
(ex-KA9LNV, over 20 years of messing
with satellites, so far.)
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