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Re: DSP-2232/TS-2000x Help Request

On the Kenwood TS-2000, check MENU #50F (External TNC Transfer Rate, 
change that to 9600bps, and see if the DSP-2232 works on 9600bps.
Just a thought, I do not have a DSP-2232, but have run into this with 
using a "Terminal" program.

Good luck,

Jerry   -   K0HZI

Steve Holly wrote:

>Hello all,
>I'm having a problem getting my DSP-2232/TS-2000 to work at 9600 baud
>(MODEM 18). The DSP-2232 works fine for AFSK 1200 (MODEM 12). I am able
>to connect to a local 1200 baud packet BBS. The 2232 also decodes RTTY,
>CW, and PACTOR just fine. When switching to 9600 baud I get a single bar
>on the 2232 Port1 display and no DCD light activity. I have tried
>adjusting the TS-2000's audio output level and the 2232 AGC pot that is
>accessible externally. 
>Thanks in advance.
>Steve WI2W
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