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RE: AMSAT Symposium


As you correctly surmise there are good reasons to relocate the AMSAT Symposium this
year.  It's much more difficult than it seems but it will probably happen.  Thank you
for volunteering to help. The trick is to find a hotel in the right place that will
take us on such short notice when many others are moving their conventions out of the
southeast USA at the same time.  I think we are close to a solution. 


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Rick Hambly (W2GPS) wrote:
> All,
> I received many panicked phone calls and e-mails today regarding the upcoming AMSAT
> Annual meeting, which also includes a Board of Directors meeting before the
> and IARU and Eagle Team meetings afterwards. Some of you have tried to call the
> without success.  Others have realized that their decision to fly to New Orleans
> drive was flawed as the airport is under water only to find the airlines gouging
> with high fees to change a "non-refundable ticket" that they can't honor anyway.


Thanks for keeping us informed of the situation.

It seems like as the week is going on it is just getting worse with 
timeframes now of months before New Orleans is drained and residents can 
return.  The New Orleans Airport is open for relief flights but I doubt 
any commercial flights will by flying into New Orleans anytime soon.

I started to plan an alternate route of taking the train into Longview, 
Texas (or maybe Marshall, Texas) via Chicago and driving down through 
Shreveport.  As you mentioned there are refugees in Longview, Texas as 
well as Houston.  I realize that some places in East Texas where I 
wanted to visit may have a shortage of Hotel rooms.

It also sounds like it will be many months before I-10 and the other 
highways in southern Mississippi and Alabama will be completely repaired.

Personally I would rather resite the Symposium elsewhere.  Although 
Lafayette is not damaged, it is likely to be used for staging of the 
relief effort for several months.  I would rather have a refugee, power 
company worker, or other aid worker use my hotel room.  We can have the 
Symposium in Lafayette in a year or two.  I can visit Luther's some 
other time.

If the Symposium is resited then I could come out to the location 
several days earlier to help setup and to stay a day later to help tear 
down.  I am willing to help out and my schedule is flexible in October 
given a week or two of warning.

I think AMSAT has enough talent to pull off a site change.

73 Eric
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