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Re: Emergency in LA

Probably not, but sending out as much "I'm alive and I'm at ___"
traffic as possible certainly would.

Been listening on the 20 meter traffic nets and hearing a lot of
chatter between stations outside the affected area, but very little
out of the area itself.  (Then again, I can mainly listen during the
day while the D layer is making 40-80 meters pretty useless.)

It would seem to me that inquiries right now are mainly a feel-good
measure for those outside the area, and what's needed most is traffic
OUT of the area relaying names, locations, and status of people who
can be accounted for at the scene and not otherwise.  A station that
can do that will probably be invaluable (and I would encourage anyone
who has that capability and is available to volunteer get onto the
ARES resource nets and put themselves in the pool), although I would
think QRP HF would be more practical than satellite given the limited
resources available at the scene.

Before too much longer they will probably have evacuated a large
enough number of people that they will be in shelters where there is
enough infrastructure to handle welfare traffic more efficiently, so
maybe the thing to do right now is hang tight and see what
opportunities come up ..

On Sep 2, 2005, at 12:52 PM, Steve wrote:

> I think the time to “demonstrate the efficiency of the Satellite
> Amateur
> Service” is before an emergency takes place. The image of a ham
> playing
> around with his portable satellite station while surrounded by
> starving
> survivors and looters doesn’t look like very good publicity to me.
> Steve .. AI7W
>> Hi, All
>> Is anyone using AO-51 and an arrow antenna to demonstrate
>> the efficiency of the Satellite Amateur Service during the actual
>> emergency in  LA ?
>> 73" de
>> i8CVS Domenico

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