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Re: PCSAT2 APRS Success!

>My SatGate here in MD is up and running to receive 
>on 437.275 at 1200baud.... but I only have an
>omni antenna on it right now so it is still missing a 
>lot of packets. 

Not to worry.  Everyone, remember, the global 
APRS-IS system collects packets from everyone so
it is the SUM of everyones packets that is all that
counts.  At least one station somehwere will get 
a  copy of each packet.  The APRS-IS throws away 
all dupes and only serves back one copy of every 
unique packet no matter how many stations sent it in. 

Thus everyone gets a complete copy AND no one
really needs tracking antennas.  Your OMNI will
only get maybe 1/3rd of the center portion of a
pass, but no problem.  If we have enough OMNI
satgates, then someone else will get what you 

Thus SIMPLE SATGATES are all we need!
Lots of them!

de WB4APR, Bob
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