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Re: Re: PCSAT2 APRS Success!

No succces here i only copy what's appears to be commands. Nothing heard digipeated on this nearly overhead pass. I guess 
digi is switched off during commanding session!

Here is what i got:

Fm DISC-1 To W3ADO-15 <UA >[20:43:38]
Fm DISC-1 To W3ADO-15 <I R0 S0 pid=F0 Len=54 >[20:43:38]
4 2 33 19 12 40 
52 60 30 47 24 14 
7 37 21 42 53 29 

Fm DISC-1 To W3ADO-15 <I R1 S1 pid=F0 Len=7 >[20:44:01]

Fm DISC-1 To W3ADO-15 <RR R4 >[20:45:57]
Fm DISC-1 To W3ADO-15 <I R5 S6 pid=F0 Len=7 >[20:45:59]

Fm PCSAT2 To BEACON Via SGATE,WIDE <UI pid=F0 Len=40 >[20:46:21]
>312242z OPS Normal. Enjoy! [de WB4APR]

Fm DISC-1 To W3ADO-15 <RR R5 >[20:46:28]
Fm DISC-1 To W3ADO-15 <I R6 S7 pid=F0 Len=57 >[20:46:31]
BTEXT was >312242z OPS Normal. Enjoy! [de WB4APR]

Fm DISC-1 To W3ADO-15 <DISC>[20:47:03]

Dont know what's about  the DISC-1?   


On 1 Sep 2005 at 20:01, Roger Kolakowski wrote:

> FINDU input seems a little slim this (Thursday 2345UTC) evening so I will
> try to be on the several east coast US passes prior to 0330 UTC if anyone
> wants to work on their SatGate.
> Roger
> Boston
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> Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 8:29 PM
> Subject: PCSAT2 APRS Success!
> Copied WA1KAT via PCSAT2 on the 435.275 downlink.  This was using my
> TH-D7 and arrow handheld antenna.
> To top it off, it is a beautiful clear night here.  ISS was visible
> and bright for the majority of the pass.
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