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North Texas Balloon Project Launch #14

The North Texas Balloon Project will launch NTBP #14, named ìRapidfire,î
on Sept. 3, 2005 from the Hillsboro, TX, Airport. This flight is
essentially a re-flight of NTBP #12, flown on 20 August 2005, to counter
the actions of ìDr. Murphyî enjoyed on NTBP #12.  It will have on board
a cross band voice repeater, voice reports of inside and outside
temperatures plus time (courtesy of the Fannin County ARC, Bonham, TX),
APRS package location, and a DF Beacon. Liftoff time will be moved to
approximately 8:15 AM CDT.Ý A Special Event Callsign, N5B, will be used
for this event. This time there will be a Special Event operation on
14.282 MHz during the event.  There will be an HF Launch Information Net
on 7260 +/-10 KHz. Other frequencies, and information for NTBP #14, are
the same as the information for NTBP #12 posted at www.ntbp.org.  Check
the Web Page frequently for status and come join the fun!

Crossband Repeater - Uplink: 445.800 MHz
			   Downlink: 147.560 MHz

APRS Location Information: 144.390 MHz
Time and Temperature Package: 146.56 MHz
Shuttle Package DF Beacon: 145.56 MHz

Launch Information Net: 7260 +/- 10 KHz
N5B Special Event Checkin: 14.282 MHz

73 ñ Keith, W5IU
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