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PCSAT2 Digipeater & Telemetry

Hello Group,

ISS just passed over West Malaysia at 0908 UTC, 1st September 2005 with a
maximum elevation of 12 degrees.

During this pass, the ARISS system was beaconing on 145.800 MHz but I did
not hook up the TNC to decode this.  Instead I was listening to 437.975 MHz
+/- to get a copy of the FTSCE special 9k6 data.  However, nothing was heard
on this frequency.  

Next, I decided to QSY to 435.275 MHz +/-.  Telemetry and status messages
were received.  They were transmitted using 1k2 baud as well as 9k6 baud.  I
managed to copy a few telemetry packets that were fed to the APRS network.  

In addition to the above, I also managed to successfully perform a digipeat
via PCSAT2 and TX on 145.825 MHz.  Signals were weaker on 435.275 +/- as
compared to 437.975 +/- but still I still managed to copy it.  Later, QSYed
back to 437.975 +/- until the pass ended.  Nothing heard on this frequency.

Anyone knows why no FTSCE data are transmitted on 437.975 MHz?  Or is it
something wrong with my setup?


Sion Chow Q. C.,
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