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Re: 24 Volt Motor theory help needed

Hi Andrew,

I assume that this is the same 3 wire rotator you wrote about earlier. I 
know a little about these simple rotators and have repaired a few of 
them. They work fine for pointing antennas at LEO satellites.

Most of the ones I have seen do not use a centrer tapped transformer.  
They  make use of a two-winding ac motor, and switch a capacitor into 
one winding to generate a phase difference. The capacitor is switched to 
the other winding to reverse direction.

Generally, this rotator system had a second smaller motor driving the 
display on the control box. You don't need this to make it work, only to 
see where it's pointing.

If any of this is helpful to you, I am happy so send you a drawing  of a 
typical wiring diagram for these 3 wire rotators.

Sil - ZL2CIA

By-the-way, did you get an answer to your questions about the FT-736. I 
have a mannual somewhere, and can scan the relevant pages if you like. 
You can probably download you own copy anyway, from one of the many Ham 
websites. The mods site in ".dk" is a good place to start.

Andrew Rich wrote:


I have a 24 Volt AC rotator.

Do i need a center tapped trasnformer that is



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