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AMSAT Symposium



I received many panicked phone calls and e-mails today regarding the upcoming AMSAT
Annual meeting, which also includes a Board of Directors meeting before the Symposium
and IARU and Eagle Team meetings afterwards. Some of you have tried to call the hotel
without success.  Others have realized that their decision to fly to New Orleans and
drive was flawed as the airport is under water only to find the airlines gouging you
with high fees to change a "non-refundable ticket" that they can't honor anyway.


The hotel is 100 miles West of New Orleans and therefore was spared the brunt of the
storm and the resultant devastation.  However, refugees are filling up hotels up to
300 miles away and many will not be returning any time soon. I fear that our
Symposium may be doomed but I do not know for sure.


Over the next several days AMSAT officials will be evaluating the situation in
Lafayette LA and will be considering alternatives.  We have already had one offer to
try to host the Symposium in Dayton Ohio.  Moving the symposium and associated
meetings at this late date would be a Herculean task and may cost everyone
significant extra air fare fees. The airlines have added major fuel cost surcharges
and are sticking with the extra fees for exchanging tickets.


Please do not change or cash in tickets yet. The hotel is no longer accepting any
reservations, even at the national 800 number.


If there are any other volunteers willing to try to host this event with no time to
prepare and thousands of details to manage please contact our VP of Marketing and
User Services, Barry Baines WD4ASW at wd4asw@amsat.org or AMSAT's Manager, Martha
Saragovitz at martha@amsat.org.


Remember, we don't know for sure that we must change anything so wait until there is
a final announcement before making any changes.



AMSAT President
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