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Re: SSETI UHF "Carrier Pulse Beacon"

Yup well spotted - the obvious has been missed on the mission page - but it 
is in the works to be added real soon - you are looking at the beta test 
version!  The pulse beacon simply keys the PTT of the main UHF transceiver 
without any AX25 data running

Frequency     437.250 MHz (half-duplex)          2401.835 MHz

Antennas        Monopole whip                             3 x patch antennas 
facing ±x and

Power             Approx 3W                                 Approx,   0.7W ± 
x and 1.5W

Modulation      FSK and pulse beacon                 FSK

Protocol         Unnumbered AX25                        Unnumbered AX25

Baud rate         9600 bps                                     38400 bps

Polarisation        Linear 
Right-hand circular

hope this helps


Graham G3VZV
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Subject: SSETI UHF "Carrier Pulse Beacon"

> Hi Graham,
> I'm starting to get ready for September 27th. and I've been banging around
> the SSETI web site looking for the frequency of the UHF "Carrier Pulse
> Beacon" which is referred to in several places with no luck. AMSAT-NA also
> doesn't show a UHF beacon frequency. What am I missing??
> Bill - N6GHz
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