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Re: PCSAT2 PSK31 transponder

In a message dated 31/08/2005 07:06:59 GMT Standard Time,  
owner-AMSAT-BB-digest@AMSAT.ORG writes:

>PCSAT2 PSK-31 transponder also has appeared dead

>since the 24 Aug Geomagnetic Storm.  We are trying
>to  figure out if the ionosphere is the cause of our
>very weak or  non-existant signals, or if we have a
>hardware  problem.

Hi Bob.
The PSK31 transponder is intermittent but seems to be getting  worse.
I have heard it operating since the 24th.  On the 28th I had a PSK  QSO 
through it and signals were very good.
However, in the last 2 days I have listened for 2 passes on each day  and the 
signals were virtually non existant. - Just the barest trace of  carriers 
using the highly sensitive Spectran FFT software.
As the timers also seem to be playing up - Several resets necessary per  
pass, it looks like a combination of problems. 

>One station that says he could get a good  signal
>return with 4W on 29 MHz now says it takes 100W
>and most  of the time he cannot even hear any
>uplink signals at all (though the  downlink FM 
>passband is full quieting)

>So questions  are:
>1) If you operate 10m frequently, what is your
>assessment  of what is going on.  (of course
>a dead band should mean that  uplinks should
>punch right straight through and up to  the
>satellite just fine.  Unless somehow there is
>too much  absorption.., but then wouldnt there
>be noise?  Our receiver does  not sound as
>noisy as it did before either.
Unfortunately, the passes tried here are 'overhead'  and between  22.00 and 
02.00 local time. 
By that time of night the F layer of the ionosphere will have reduced  
substantially and the maximum usable frequency for that angle would probably  be 
less than 6MHz.  
My guess would be that it's not an ionospheric effect.
Nice to have the QSO on it though!
David  G0MRF
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