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Svalbard-HF-and PCSAT2 PSK-31

>>> "Howard Long" <howard@howardlong.com> 
>Just returned from 78 degrees north tonight....
>I did have a quick go on HF but it was totally dead.

PCSAT2 PSK-31 transponder also has appeared dead
since the 24 Aug Geomagnetic Storm.  We are trying
to figure out if the ionosphere is the cause of our
very weak or non-existant signals, or if we have a
hardware problem.

One station that says he could get a good signal
return with 4W on 29 MHz now says it takes 100W
and most of the time he cannot even hear any
uplink signals at all (though the downlink FM 
passband is full quieting)

So questions are:
1) If you operate 10m frequently, what is your
assessment of what is going on.  (of course
a dead band should mean that uplinks should
punch right straight through and up to the
satellite just fine.  Unless somehow there is
too much absorption.., but then wouldnt there
be noise?  Our receiver does not sound as
noisy as it did before either.

2) If you have 10m uplink capability, give it a 
try.  TX on 29.402 MHz PSK-31 or CW and listen
on 435.275 FM +/- Doppler.

3) If you want to become a control operator to
turn on the transponder over your area, contact
me.   Like SO50, the transponder is off unless
someone turns it on.

Passes are occuring about 7PM to 5AM in the
Northern Hemisphere and during the days
in the Southern...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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