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Symek TNC3S users

I would appreciate any users of the Symek TNC3S modem with the FSK9600-E
version 9k6/9k6 modem, to give me a reply.
I've discovered peculiar issue with my version "E" modem that will not allow
me to upload to GO-32, but uploads fine with the other sats.
A FSK9601-C version modem I recently aquired has no problem uploading to
GO-32, which lead me to determine that my problem is indeed the version "E"
It would be very helpful if anyone who has a version "E" modem and is
successfuly uploading to GO-32 to let me know.

If the manual that you received with your modem is unclear of which version
you have, the version number is etched into the bottom of the modem's
printed circuit board.  Unfortunetly, that would require you to have pull
your front or back cover off and slide the top plate back, in order to read
the bottom of the modem's printed circuit board. So, many thanks in advance
for those of you who are willing to check in order to help me out :o)

Harmen, VE3EMA
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