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Looking for K4EJQ

Hi Bunky:

Was that you this AM?

Not sure weather you were on 432.146 or 432.011. Please advise so I can
adjust my software.

The "goes down" work is done and "goes up" will be on line by next weekend.

Looking forward to responding back to you.

WSJT4 Data:

Sync=1; db= -19; DT=-1; DF+476; W=4

In San Jose, CA CM97ka

Rec'ed on a single 11 el 435 yagi to Icom LNA less than 1 db NF, 25" of 3/8"
coax (.1 db loss); Mirage KP-2 indoor at .8 db NF

Feeding IC-910H with the crystal oven reff out to 3 ppm.

One the transmitter section is activated the PPM will drop in half.

The sound card driving WSJT is CB Audigy LS which is OK.

Soon be going to my SDR-1000 for demodulation.

Pls respond to this email and confirm or deny the reception report.

All the best and 73,

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