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RE: IBM 600E computer

Art -

I am unsure whether you are getting this prompt from the computer (ThinkPad
BIOS) OR from the actual operating system that you are using (e.g. MS W2K) -
which actually have 2 completely different solutions.


Have you used the IBM Internet web pages for ThinkPad support ?
It does have a deep knowledgebase on their products - AND - permits submission
of these types of questions directly to IBM Technical Support.

IBM Electronics Services Call (ESC+) Tool

BIOS access for 600E
With the unit powered off, hold the F1 key and power the unit on. Keep F1 held
down until Easy setup appears.

Note: On the TP 701, you can also access the Configuration area on BIOS by
pressing the Fn+F1 keys

This document contains information on how to initialize your ThinkPad BIOS.
This action is recommended if you want to put all of your hardware back to
their default settings.
This will undo any hardware configuration changes since purchase, and may
disable hardware that was added later.
ThinkPad 340,355,360,365X/XD,380,385,560,600,750,755,760,765,770
(365 system specific models: 1E9, 2E9, 2R9, 3E9, 3R9, 4E9, 4R9, 6E3, 6E7, 6R3,
7E7,DEE, DEF, EEF, ERF, FE9, FR9, GE9, GR9.)
1. Make sure the ThinkPad is turned OFF.
2. Hold down F1 and power the ThinkPad ON.
3. Click on CONFIG.
4. Click on INITIALIZE.
5. Click on OK.
6. Click on EXIT.
7. Click on RESTART.
8. Click on OK , (this will restart the ThinkPad.)

Message: 16
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 18:39:11 -0700
From: "art coulombe" <w7hgk@innw.net>
Subject: [amsat-bb] IBM 600E computer

I have an IBM600E that I use for DSP-10, Sat tracking, and etc. The unit
lock-up and rebooted to 'power on password' since I purchased second hand on
ebay awhile back I don't have any inform on the 7 random characters. The
service center couldn't unlock the unit. The other alternative would be to
send it to IBM for service. However, the cost could be used to invest in
another computer. Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.
tnx's art
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