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PCSAT2 / ISS Satellite Ground Station


I am working on a web page and ground station suite of software for PCSAT2

What I am aiming for is

01) Live satellite data to a web page (cgi) - done
02) Live satellite status to a web page (cgi) - done
03) Live satellite map to a web page (cgi) - done
04) LINUX and PREDICT to put PCSAT2 icon on maps world wide - done (MISSE5)
05) LINUX and PREDICT to control the radio (perl and serial port) - in
06) LINUX and PREDICT to control the rotator (perl and serial port) - in
07) Worldwide satellite ground station status page - show who has heard what
data - in motion
08) Build 1/4 Wave antenna for 435.975 MHz - done
09) Configure up UI-VIEW and AGWPE for 1200 baud audio - done
10) Being able to control rotators via the web - under devlopment
11) Liase with the local UNI to get their sat station going again - in
12) Pass predictions to email - PREDICT and perl - in motion
13) Live antenna positioning display on the web - in motion
14) World Wide Satellite data store on hard disk with search via web - in
15) Live radio frequency control status via the web - in motion

Please feel free to add to the list or join in !

The web site is www.tech-software.net

My name is Andrew Rich


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