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RE: PREDICT Question

Hmmm...  The only other thing I can think of is that it isn't finding ISS in 
the database.  Perhaps it's not matching the string due to trailing blanks, 
or the lack thereof.  It's also case-sensitive.  I bet you will have no 
trouble with other OSCAR-29 or other 8-letter names, but PCSAT or NOAA-12 
also return 0.

Greg  KO6TH

Yep got all that but when I ask for doppler for ISS is get 0.000

when i ask for doppler for OSCAR-10 I get a real number.

so why is ISS 0 ?

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If the .pl interface is anything like the .c one, Predict gives you the
doppler offset relative to a frequency of 100mhz.  So you need to scale it
by the ratio of your un-shifted frequency to 100mhz, and then either add or
subtract that to the base to get the doppler shifted result.  The Keps
information in the predict.db file is used for the position prediction.

Happy computing,

Greg  KO6TH


Using PREDICT under LINUX to control a radio for doppler.

Modfied the demo.pl to use "GET_DOPPLER localhost ISS"

What freq does it use from what i assume is the predict.db file ?
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